LED Light Watch Workshop

Black Rock City, Nevada




Foxcarn Midway Project Team


Kickstarter Campaign

As a part of the Carnival of Mirrors at Burning Man 2015, a close team of collaborators from around the world participated in building a concept factory + showroom in the center of Black Rock City. The set up of this installation aimed to provide a contrasting experience between the alienated toil of factory workers in China versus the commodity fetishism present in familiar electronic stores in the US. We bring this politics of global production into the "gift economy" model of Black Rock City to remind us of the concealed issues of our everyday necessities that we often take forgranted.

The i-light watch product becomes a medium in which we experiment with the concept of consumerism in the desert. With an event culture and setting that necessitates lighting up for safety in the dark nights, we introduce a factory manual for people to produce LED wrist bands that can be worn throughout the festival. The products are displayed outside the factory in a bright white showroom where participants are completely disconnected & distracted from the activities within the factory.